Take Control of Perspective: 5 Tips to Manage Anxiety Disorders

Anxiety is something that we all experience, but for some, anxiety can create problems that are far reaching and incredibly painful.  In this blog I will give you five tips on how to manage anxiety (also how to manage anxiety without medication) and that can help reduce anxiety immediately.   How are Anxiety Disorders Best Managed?  Anxiety disorders usually appear in...[ read more ]

Unmasking Depression: Methods of Therapy for Depression Management

Depression is something that can be hard to move through without specific depression management techniques.  Therapy for depression involves helping clients learn how to recognize the various signs of depression (depression symptoms) along with giving clients specific tools they can use to move through their struggles.  What kind of therapy is used to treat depression? There are many different therapies...[ read more ]

Five Ways to Cope with Grief and Loss When You Feel Hopeless

Five Ways to Cope with Grief and Loss When You Feel Hopeless   We have all experienced grief and loss at some point in our lives because change is the one constant.  As a result, grief and loss are inevitable. But loss can also feel overwhelming and trigger feelings of hopelessness.  In this blog I will answer some questions you...[ read more ]

Grief and Loss (Part One)

Grief can overwhelm us and a lot of the time we can feel as if we are not moving through it.  Feeling stuck, we can feel lost and unsure of what is happening to us and of what to do next.  Many people will come to me asking questions about how to keep moving forward.  I will answer a few...[ read more ]

You’re Not Alone:  How to Heal from Sexual Trauma with Therapy

In this post I write about three steps you can take to heal from sexual trauma along with offering some education about how survivors are impacted through their traumatic experience.  Speak Shame I am regularly asked by clients questions about how to heal from sexual trauma.  Although every path is as unique as the person, there are several steps I...[ read more ]

EMDR Therapy: An Effective Tool for PTSD and More

EMDR Therapy, a picture of a black man smiling as he walks down the street. He is wearing headphones.

I talk to my clients frequently about the benefits of EMDR therapy. Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) and was created by Francine Shapiro. It has been widely documented and researched as a therapy that can help process trauma, build resilience and resourcefulness, and help individuals move through therapy more quickly then they would engaging in more traditional “talk” therapies....[ read more ]

The Benefits of Brainspotting Therapy for Trauma

Brainspotting Therapy, image of a woman smiling

Many clients want to know about Brainspotting Therapy and how it is both similar and different from EMDR or other therapies created to help people move through trauma.  In this blog I discuss two key differences between the two therapies, the benefits of Brainspotting, and I give a case example of a client who experienced profound results.   What is Brainspotting...[ read more ]

The Point of Impact

When we are freshly wounded most of us don't know what to do. When it first happened you may not have known what to do or where to go.  This is the point of impact.  This is what happens when we feel fractured or split in two.  Perhaps you are dealing with fracture as I write this. Trauma disconnects us...[ read more ]

In Defense of Defenses

We know through therapies such as Somatic Experience that our brains work to help our nervous system rev up or slow down based on what is happening in our environment.  The problem is that sometimes our brains (more specifically our brain stems) can't always differentiate between real or perceived threat.  So whether you are running from a bear or simply...[ read more ]

The Concrete Healer

Roberta, 44, had been in therapy for issues related to childhood abuse and neglect that had followed her throughout adulthood.  She had been in and out of therapy, struggled with feelings of hopelessness, and had felt insignificant for the majority of her life.  When she came to me for Brainspotting, she was exhausted from the ongoing symptoms related to her...[ read more ]

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