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As a therapist in practice for twenty-five years, I absolutely believe that healing from traumatic experience is possible, whether you are coping with past trauma, or current events.  I have seen the power of resilience propel many of my clients through the darkest parts of the valley, and have experienced profound change through my own personal grief and loss experiences. Change may begin now or take root in a therapist’s office, but the true goal of the therapeutic journey is to create a deeper awareness and appreciation for not only the validity of how we have been impacted by our traumas, but also for our own strength and resilience that allow us to move through them.  How we get there is up to us.

I believe healing comes from many places but it is through our connection to others and to ourselves that true treasure is found.

 Having a deeper sense of ourselves, and our expansive capabilities, allows us an opportunity to move forward with both confidence and excitement for what is to come. By using a combination of evidenced-based treatment modalities, including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) , Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) and Brainspotting (BSP), I strive to help my clients cultivate a deeper awareness of their own personal power, and work to give them new tools and strategies along the way. I also believe in the power of journaling as a way to externalize and gain perspective about our various edges.  There is something about writing that just takes us deeper and allows for a clearer look in the mirror.* I believe healing comes from many places, but it is through our connection to others and to ourselves that true treasure is found.


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I’m so glad to have learned about EMDR and Brainspotting therapy as a treatment for long-standing PTSD, and I’m grateful to have found an experienced and insightful practitioner in Kim Johancen.

After decades of talk therapy and medication just to help me maintain, Kim has helped me to make actual, fundamental changes in just a few short months. I’ve reduced my medication dosage and eventually may be able to do without it. The right therapy and the right therapist have made all the difference in my life. Thank you, Kim!

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You cannot change your destination overnight.
You can change your direction.
-Jim Rohn

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