The Power Of No

Ok we are supposed to have boundaries…this is not new news. But boundaries in our schedule, our relationships, and in the wake of trauma impact are essential. I have realized in my own life as a caretaker of so many others both professionally and personally that having strong boundaries actually energizes my work and enables me to stave off burnout.

I suppose that burnout is inevitable at times as we navigate our every day responsibilities on top of an uncertain future. But there are things that we can do to mitigate emotional fatigue and reignite the flame that gives our life meaning.


Start your day with you and end your day with you. This has become essential in my own practice. I wake up early to meditate, journal, and to exercise. This “me” routine has become grounding and produces a type of oxygen that allows me the opportunity to give more freely to others throughout the day. By ending the day with gratitude, tea, and a good book I am able to bring the day to a close knowing that I took care of others to the best of my ability by taking care of me first.


I know that there are times that we do more then others in our personal relationships but we should only be shouldering our 50% of the relationship responsibilities. Too often we end up in co-dependent relationships where we are doing 80% of the work and enabling helplessness in others as a result. You are particularly at risk here if you are by nature a caretaker or empath. Reposition your boundaries and pull back.

Trauma and No

Through trauma our needs are thrown out the window along with our feelings. Regardless of the loss we are going through no one asked us what we wanted. Our boundaries were completely ignored by what happened. Reinstate your boundaries and be able to say no to what you may say yes to at other times. Acknowledging our own limits is the opposite of trauma. This is corrective…say no and say no often.

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