The Point of Impact

When we are freshly wounded most of us don’t know what to do.

When it first happened you may not have known what to do or where to go.  This is the point of impact.  This is what happens when we feel fractured or split in two.  Perhaps you are dealing with fracture as I write this.

Trauma disconnects us from ourselves, the world around us, and can even disconnect us from our higher power.  It is simply..too…much…to handle….we have to escape if at all possible.

And because disconnection happens at impact many trauma experts recommend finding connection as soon as possible after the bomb goes off.  But this is hard for many of us because the last thing we want to do is to connect back to our hearts, minds, and bodies.  It’s too painful and the fog helps dull the pain.

But remember that the fog is painful as well and we don’t want to stay hidden away for long.  We have to re-connect to ourselves and others if we are going to get through this.  We need each other.  We also need our loved ones to help remind us that we are going to make it through, that we are good people, and that we have done good things.   Tribe is critical…even if your circle of support changes as you move through this.  (We will talk about that another time).

You didn’t ask for this…for your needs to be so carelessly thrown out… so abruptly forgotten…and this is WHY we have to re-connect.  It all matters.   You matter.

Your thoughts matter.

Your passions matter.

Your desires matter.

And the only way you can get your needs met now is if you come home, survey the damage, and stop the bleed.  Ask for help as you go (or even to simply get going) and know that re-connection allows for healing to happen.  Take good care of yourself and know that you will get through this, come to understand perhaps more deeply how much you appreciate your loved ones, and perhaps one day be thankful that this happened…whether you learn to help others through similar pains or change your own course for the better.

THAT is the point of impact.

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