“I’m so glad to have learned about EMDR and Brainspotting as a treatment for long-standing PTSD, and I’m grateful to have found an experienced and insightful practitioner in Kim Johancen.”

“After decades of talk therapy and medication just to help me maintain, Kim has helped me to make actual, fundamental changes in just a few short months. I’ve reduced my medication dosage and eventually may be able to do without it. The right therapy and the right therapist have made all the difference in my life. Thank you, Kim!”

“I really enjoy playing the card games with my kids. The cards facilitate discussions about feelings and how to best handle certain situations. I recommend these cards to parents who want a fun approach to teach their kids something they can use on a daily basis!” – Kim (Parent)

“I like to pick a card each day and figure out how I can incorporate the task into my day. The cards give me ideas on how to save the environment that are easy things I can do each day!” -Mady (Child)

“The card games are interactive and fun! I think Earth and the other planets are cute and they motivate me to take care of myself.” -Ava (Child)

“Since I have been working with Kim my life has changed for the better. I now understand my feelings and she taught me exercises to help me out when I get stuck. I’ve been able to work through a lot and let go of the past which has improved my life immensely. Her different styles of therapy are very helpful and the nice part about Kim is that she has options to choose from that fit your needs.”

“Kim Johancen has been a lifesaver for our family. After seeing multiple therapists who only made minimal progress in connecting with and helping my daughter, we came to Kim as a last resort. Kim not only established a trusting relationship with my daughter, but her skilled approach to counseling motivated my daughter to do the hard work necessary for growth and change. Kim has mastered listening to her clients’ concerns and offering a hopeful perspective in response. I cannot describe how many times I was ready to throw in the towel, only to leave a session feeling supported and strengthened to continue the hard journey of helping my daughter heal. Kim Johancen demonstrates expertise and competence in her profession. The world need more counselors like Kim!”

“Finding the right counselor isn’t easy, but I am so grateful that I found Kim. She been such an instrumental part of my healing and has introduced new therapies specified to my needs that previous counselors never thought to try before. She’s helped me to “take the charge” out of traumatic and overwhelming memories, create healthy boundaries, and has shown me the kind of compassion I deserve to have for myself.”

“I have been working with Kim for some time now, about a year and she has been my greatest support. She impacted my life. From going to depressed & suicidal to actually being able to feel something and have success. If I can do it, so can you. I am beyond thankful for Kim Johancen.”

“I feel privileged to have found Kim in a time I needed to do another layer of healing in my life. It is amazing how fast I got through the difficulties holding me back from personal success, emotionally, physically and within my own spirituality. She guided me to clearing my blocks. It was amazing my fast progress and I owe it to Kim for her skill and my willingness to show up in the present to receive and apply her gifted help. She has a very kind and loving nature and provided a very safe environment for me to be transparent. Thank you always Kim.”

“Kim came into my life kinda in the middle of my healing journey. She has a very unique way of meeting you wherever you are and walking with you through your healing. Her empathetic nature and calm energy create the feeling of a warm blanket and a safe place to heal. She continues to be such a huge blessing in my life and I am forever grateful for her grace and virtuosity.”

“Kim helped me see myself as enough…. She reminded me to pay attention to my little self (my inner child)…I can protect her now.” Kim gave me a handbook….that was left blank for me to fill in myself. I was never forced, but always encouraged to be gentle with myself. I think about that every day. Thank you for believing in me when no one else did…my sometimes-wild-life choices made sense to you.”

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