Soothing The Inner Child

If you are familiar with “inner child” work then you understand how this work can help you heal. The inner child is a metaphor for the hot spots that are created by trauma throughout our life span. These are the tender places still healing from trauma, that are still integrating, and trying their best to catch up.

Oftentimes wounded part of ourselves struggle to move on and can continue to get triggered no matter how far away we get from the initial trauma experience. We find ourselves feeling as if we are still back there and lost in the darkness of what happened.

I see many folks get stuck in the healing process because of the discomfort change creates. If you struggle to implement changes then there may be a real possibility that a wounded part of you is unaware that change is now a welcomed experience. The inner child may not know how to differentiate between discomfort (what happens through change) and an actual safety threat. All it knows is that you are uncomfortable and that triggers danger for a wounded part. It may try and sabotage your efforts to push through or whisper words of self-doubt in its efforts to stop you from making the changes you want to make. It simply doesn’t know you are safe.

Soothe the part by being kind to it because the inner child thinks it is helping you.
Soothe the part by actually visualizing your younger self and caring for it.
Soothe the part by reassuring the part that you are in the driver’s seat and will take care of it. Soothe the part by giving it clear boundaries and by telling it to stay in the back seat.

We are all in process of healing. Get out of your own way by normalizing the trauma impact you have experienced as valid. We all have hot spots and need patience in order to allow our brains to fully heal. You will survive this but you have to start by acknowledging how you have been impacted by what has happened…all parts of you.

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