Recommended Reads

Indra Nooyi, the first woman of color and immigrant to run a Fortune 50 company, shows us how she was able to achieve success in an environment both predominately white and predominately male. She discusses sacrifice, an unshakable drive to succeed, and gives testimony to how important it is to have support form those around us. An inspiring read along with a bold vision on how to create a future worth living.

Green Lights By Matthew McConaughey

The author discusses the power of resilience with his unwavering ability to turn red lights into green ones through a winning combination of vulnerability, grit, and determination. Do yourself a favor and get the audio version of this one. A fun ride.

Jennie Blumenthal's book not only gives the reader a closer look at what happens to women in corporate America, but she also offers hope with a prescription of healing and change. Full of research and interviews with women who have lived experience (including her own), Blumenthal shines the light on how women need to be included in the infrastructure that so often leaves them out.

This is the first time I have added a book to my website before finishing it! But I could NOT wait. Fisher's powerful insight into trauma is met only by her ability to educate us on what we need to heal. Her work is an up-to-date blueprint on how to find our way back to our true selves. A must read for all of us.

As a therapist, I believe that when we are living a life in line with our values things just tend to line up easier for us. Burnett and Evans identify very clear exercises that will help you not only create the path, but they also offer valuable insights on how to let go of the roads not taken. Whether you want help with designing the dream job or the dream life outside of work this book is a must read.

This book offers a great reminder that mental flexibility is key as we move through life. Be ready to embrace what you need now as you let go of what no longer serves you.

A friend of mine said that this book should be on every coffee table in the country. I could not agree more. The range of human emotional experience is vast, and Brown captures the depth of our emotions while also highlighting how our emotions are what connects us as human beings.

A wonderful book to help you gather courage, let go, and remind yourself that there is no spoon. Loss is inevitable and acceptance of that fact is possible.

A quick, but worthwhile read if you are wanting some thoughts (and concrete steps) on how to build your sense of self-worth, connection to others, and connection to yourself

This is one of the better books on habits I have read in quite some time. Chunking it down, bite by bite, is a wonderful practice and Clear tells you exactly how to do it.

I listened to these talks on a road trip recently. This is a wonderful look at the universal struggle of vulnerability, why its hard, and how to practice it.

If you feel crunched for time, stressed by the fact that there is never enough, then this is the book for you. It turns out, we have more time then we think we do.

A great book on what is trauma, and also on what the most effective therapies there are that can help you treat it. Van Der Kolk is one of the leading trauma experts in the world today.

This is a classic that teaches the reader a lot about how to create healthy boundaries, healthy relationships, and takes a look at why we have to stay intentional about the connections we have with others.

My introduction to Brene Brown. This book dives into the universal experience of shame and shame resilience. Highly recommended. For everyone.

My first and best read about trauma, trauma impact, and how to recover from it.

This book is the key to understanding the suicidal mind, and what to do about it. Highly recommended.

It is difficult to understand suicide from a non-suicidal place. This book outlines the myths surrounding suicide and helps break through the stigma that is suicide.

Understanding self-injury and what to do about it is not always an easy path forward for parents, educators, or loved ones.   

Not only does this book give numerous strategies to therapists, parents, and educators to help teens struggling with self-injury, but this book also highlights the strengths based lens that these kids so desperately need to be viewed through.

From the grandfather of Existential Therapy, this book takes the reader on a journey to visit Nietzsche, and also explores what would have happened had Nietzsche met Freud.

Another book from Yalom, this book explores mortality, and how to live life to the fullest.

This book takes us on the uncomfortable (but necessary) journey to look at what will be most important at the end of our lives, and the lives of our loved ones. Step by step instructions on how to prepare for the end of life are included, and deeply appreciated by those in need of comfort at this phase of life.

An inspiring read if you are wanting a kick in the pants to get going! Sincero has a great writing voice, style, and gives concrete pointers on how to build the life you want.

In line with Atomic Habits, this book discusses how tiny tweaks make a big difference in achieving your goals...and your happiness.

This book takes a close look at Singer's life, and how meditation grounded him along with his faith.

Harris is a great writer, and story teller. This book chronicles his life and how meditation helped save it.

This book, first recommended to me by a dear friend, is a critical read for anyone who feels lost, empty, or who is seeking more than what they have at any point.

The Gottmans are relationship experts and have discovered certain key traits that relationships must cultivate and nurture if they are to make it through life's challenges. With some advice on how to work through conflict without damaging the relational foundation, this is a great resource.

A classic and must read for anyone who wanted to know how to be successful in their personal AND professional life.

This book is a good resource for folks experiencing raw grief and loss. It is a reminder that there is always light no matter how dark it may get. It is also a book that encourages us to hang on, to hold onto faith in ourselves, and to simply keep going. Every step counts.

Chodron reminds us that we are not alone, that grief is a universal experience, and that we absolutely have the ability to heal...together and apart.

This book is a personal account of what it is like to survive suicide loss. A good compassionate resource for you, and others you know who have experienced suicide loss. As a survivor of my brother's suicide, I found this book both helpful and healing.

This is a great book written by physicians and therapists that looks at the power of emotions and mirror neurons. If you have ever thought that deep change and healing is not possible, then this book will challenge those static beliefs. Relationships absolutely can help heal the human brain.

This is a book that offers the readers information about how people all over the world (who have walked the darkest parts of the valley) can heal. Furthermore, the authors have identified, through their research and countless interviews, the common traits that people who are happy tend to have in common. Worth a reading more than once and the principles here are applicable to every day life. Start choosing happiness now.

A great little book that challenges the idea that quitting is always bad. There are times to quit, and there are times to persevere. This book will help you determine the difference between these two ideas.

As a therapist who works with anxiety, this is a great journal I recommend to clients in order to track their progress. Although it may seem counterintuitive at times, leaning into anxiety is the way to make it manageable. Lean into it every day.

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) is transformative in its ability to help you change your thoughts, perspective, and reality. Although this book is geared toward clinicians, it is full of effective tools and strategies to help you transform your life.

Brach encourages us to find the passion for ourselves and for others. We can't change the things that have happened, but we can do something with it.

This book may help you put the puzzle of childhood trauma together a way that makes sense. Once you understand why you are the way you are you can feel empowered to change your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors in a way that promotes authentic change.

Brand brings both humor and humility to the topic of addiction. His unique spin on the 12 steps program is steeped in his own struggles to overcome addiction.

Phillips and Kane have created a practical guide for couples who are navigating trauma impact together. Many relationships fail through traumatic experience, but this book is full of questions and exercises that can help couples navigate the turbulence and keep their relationship intact.

This book is full tips, ideas, and inspiration. With some ideas on how to build happiness into your routine, a great book to help you reset.

Cheryl Strayed does a great job speaking from the heart, showing great vulnerability, and how the human spirit can survive the challenges we face both on and off the trail.

A great book full of Altman's tried and true mindfulness exercises. Pick it up whenever you need a little mindfulness boost.

In the midst of anxiety, worry, and an inability to focus it is important to practice strategies that can help us stay on track with both personal and professional goals. This book will help give you what you need to continue forward momentum (or to get back up if you have been struggling to do so).

This book reminds us that we have to be vigilant if we are to create moments that count. Whether you are wanting to create powerful moments for customers, students, or in your own personal life this book will help you create moments that will be remembered and cherished.

This book is for anyone struggling in adult relationships and who may have been impacted by growing up in an alcoholic home. Woititz offers valuable insights that help us put the pieces of the puzzle together and come to better understand our struggles with others, addiction, and co-dependence.

A great therapy for anyone needing to learn, practice, or teach effective coping skills in order to manage symptoms related to a variety of mental health issues including depression and anxiety, a DBT workbook should be on everyone's bookshelf. This is one I use with clients frequently and is a bestseller on Amazon.

Davidson's research points to the changes happening all over the world and how people are not only adapting but thriving in the new economy. Through the numerous examples of people who find success in the face of incredible challenges this book will leave you feeling inspired and hopeful about what is possible.
(tried to drop upload the picture of the book to add...too big I guess to add here so please get a picture of it off of Amazon to include) can see the format that is already there for books if you need to reference what I mean.

A powerful advocate for women and girls. Obama inspires with her groundbreaking journey and leaves us feeling like anything is possible but is clear that we also have a long way to go.

Full of ideas on how to repair relational injury, build effective communication, and nurture your relationship this book is a must read.

This book is for you if you are needing help setting boundaries at work or in her personal life, asking for what you need, or just saying no to others. Through the lense of a former hostage negotiator this book covers everything you need to know about healthy and effective negotiation.

With years of research to back up their content, the authors of healing self-injury provide useful information and tips to parents and caregivers. This book is a must read if you know someone who is struggling with self-injury as it stresses not only the importance of family relationships for those at risk but also emphasizes the need for the helpers to also receive support.

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