Just Not Today

Yesterday my purse was stolen from my car.  I was in the gym and made the mistake of thinking my purse would be fine because my gym is close to a major road and it was 8:00 in the morning! How dumb could I be? I came out after class and stood looking at my broken window for what felt like several minutes trying to comprehend what had happened.

I found myself up late last night worried that the thieves would come to our home.  These thoughts continued and eventually went to my daughter walking around her college campus by herself and how she could be robbed, hurt, or kidnapped.

What happened yesterday changed my world view for a moment (maybe more than a moment).  Right now I am feeling unsafe, vulnerable, and helpless. Thankfully it wasn’t worse.  I am safe (as our my loved ones) and nothing was stolen that can’t be easily replaced.  Landing in gratitude is helpful.

Landing in gratitude actually cuts through the anger at the person who did this and actually takes me to a place of curiosity.  Maybe the person who did this needed to buy groceries for their family, pay an electric bill, or pay the rent.  Compassion is a sign my world view is already changing back.  And I realize that I may be moving through this quickly because this was not a personal attack and because there was not irreversible harm.

I know from other experiences (and from those of my clients) that this could have been much MUCH worse.

If you have had trauma after trauma it is easy to think the world is no longer a safe place, to only blame yourself, or to only blame others.  But reality is subjective and your world view can change and undoubtedly will as you heal from what has happened.  It may take time but you will heal. My hope is you will find treasure in what you have been through, find compassion for yourself and others, and know the power of gratitude.

I still want to trust people…maybe just not today.

For now find the cracks of light when you can…

What are you grateful for?

What have you learned?

What would you rather believe?



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