Most of us have experienced problems sleeping at different points in our lives but maybe you are struggling now more than ever. I have had sleepless nights along with many of my patients. Changing hormones, environmental factors such as temperature, and chronic stress are the usual culprits for many of my clients. Anxiety and depression are also sleep stealers.

Whether you have a hard time falling asleep or staying asleep insomnia can create additional challenges as we navigate the days of the week. We can feel foggy or distracted and our overall mental health can suffer from lack of sleep.

There are times when sleep simply has to be the most important thing (along with hydration). When we are not sleeping everything feels harder. Here are some pro tips to get you back on track:

Don’t Take Naps
Although there are experts out there that prescribe naps to feel energized avoid them if you are struggling with insomnia. Taking naps can disrupt your sleep cycle even more and get you further from your goal of uninterrupted sleep.

Get Out Of Bed
Only associate your bed with sleep and sex. Get up and go in another room if you are not sleeping. Don’t just toss and turn get up and go do something else.

Let Something Go
Work with a therapist or a caring other to work through the worry thoughts keeping you up at night. Reducing anxiety or symptoms of depression can help your mind and body relax in order to go and stay asleep.

Control environmental factors
Make sure that your sleep environment is comfortable regarding bedding, light, and temperature.

Say No To Technology
Leave screens out of your room altogether. The constant buzzing of emails, notifications, and texts disrupt sleep so don’t kid yourself. If you need an alarm then get an alarm clock. And the blue light from screens activates your brain into alertness rather than relaxation.

Pay attention to Bedtime Routine
Limit caffeine and alcohol at least until you are back on your sleeping track. Do soothing things that relax you as you get closer to bedtime. Stick to your bedtime routine so your brain begins to associate your routine with sleep.

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