How to Capture the Moon

Having feelings may be part of being human, but it can be difficult at times, to accept all the various phases of emotion. Feelings can be overwhelming, they can feel light and breezy, bring relief, empower us, or crush us. They may seem to barely impact the tide, while at other times, they create huge waves that threaten to destroy everything. Emotions, even positive ones, can create both inner and outer storms, and therefore, it makes sense that many people would rather ignore them, and pretend that neither they, or the elements, exist at all.

It may feel counterintuitive to get above ground and connect to your emotions. It is like staring at the sun and that causes pain. If we look up too long, our eyes may be at risk of getting singed, and this may be even more painful for those who have been in the dark for any length of time. But we have to build our ability to look up now and then, and avoid turning away completely. Although connecting to the full spectrum of emotion is difficult for many, this of course, may not be you at all. For example, I know for many people, they experience a different kind of pain, as if the sun is in constant eclipse. In other words, the absence of light can be as equally overwhelming.

Perhaps moving through the different cycles of emotion is not the issue for you. You already understand that the only way through it is through it. Perhaps the issue for you is more about a belief that keeps you stuck, rather than a feeling. Do you actually believe that you deserve to move through this particular season? To reach for something more? Folks who are stuck in the “not deserving,” the “not good enough,” are at risk of getting in their own way.

We can sabotage ourselves endlessly. If we don’t believe we deserve to heal, to feel deeply, and to live fully, we may continue to sabotage our relationships, our careers, …our dreams. Slapping our own hands as we reach for the stars, we can become content in the discontent. And burrowed deep within our own smallness, we may actually feel safely wrapped up in it, unwilling to stretch our limbs. If this is your experience, you may not be happy here, but at least you are familiar with your surroundings.

I see many people become dysregulated when they actually start to push through something, as they work to discard the old beliefs of not deserving, and venture into new territory where the grass is truly greener. Old fears come back to life, and may threaten to shut it all down as fear whispers doubt and prods us to stay right where we are if we want to stay safe. Taking risks, asking for what we want, putting ourselves out there in unfamiliar ways, may feel as equally overwhelming as the feelings of excessive worry that we wish we could quiet, or discard all together.

I believe that oftentimes, settling for life underground, is more about an attempt to feel congruent within ourselves, then it is to directly (or indirectly) create more pain. There is a sense of balance, as if everything is lining up, that can occur only when our outer experience matches our inner one. For example, if I do not feel as if I deserve to absorb the light from the heavens, then why on earth would I reach for it? Alternatively, if I feel as if I deserve to be a shell of who I truly am, then I need to stay hidden, burrowed, invisible, and maybe even forgotten. In all cases, the reality we choose must line up with what we tell ourselves, or to what was told to us.

Does this resonate with you? This idea that you are choosing a reality that is congruent with how you view yourself? Is it possible that you may, in fact, be getting in your own way, by digging yourself in deeper no matter how hard to try to dig yourself out? If this is you, it makes sense how you got here. It may not feel like a choice, but that makes sense too, after so many cycles of doing what we have always done. We strive for balance and harmony, but what that means may need to change as we enter new phases of our lives.

Work to welcome the discomfort that comes from truly doing something different. You can begin to build your tolerance, for life above ground, by remembering that you are actually supposed to feel uncomfortable when you haven’t done something before. Whether it is starting a new job, a new relationship, or a new life shaped by a new belief of deserving, you are supposed to feel uncomfortable. Check in with your own personal truth, that light that shines deep inside of you, to see if that actually feels true. If it does, reflect on whether or not you are on the right track.

Although you may not be fully able to embrace what it means to live fully, remember that all emotions have a purpose, even discomfort, and even anxiety. Without all the phases, how would we know if we were growing, stretching, and moving through the cycles of our lives as we are meant to? Embrace all of it, but only keep what serves you.

Anxiety is normal, but only do what you can at any given moment. Don’t overwhelm yourself by outpacing yourself. It is through this process of lifting our heads toward the heavens, and the constant stretching that endeavor requires, that we can eventually reach beyond the stars, hold the moon in our hands, and fully embrace the light it reflects back.

Clear Reflections

What does it mean to you to experience the full spectrum of emotion? What gets in your way?

How can you filter the light at times it may feel too big to take in all at once?

Do you tend to feel overwhelmed or underwhelmed?

Do you believe you deserve the life of your dreams? Why or why not?

How do you tolerate discomfort? How does it serve you as a reminder that you are growing?

What does “healthy” or “normal” anxiety look like? What are the gifts of fear?

What is your truth?

Do something that makes you uncomfortable.

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