Energy is Precious

As you work toward recovery you will need to conserve your energy. Energy is an essential resource needed to heal the heart, recover strength, and restore clarity. Many of us tend to exhaust whatever reserves we have through our anxious efforts to comprehend what has happened and through our incessant thoughts about what will happen. Others, directionless, may exhaust themselves by trying to gain footing or by trying to avoid the crushing weight of depression. Initially, we may feel trapped by our reality as we attempt to escape the truth of our situation and how our lives have been changed forever. But it is not until we finally acknowledge what has happened that true healing can begin. Be certain that once you embark on this particular journey you will never go back to the beginning but you will need energy to move through it.

Although depletion is inevitable, I want you to be intentional about your efforts to restore your reserves by becoming keenly aware of what is stealing your most precious resource. Some energy drains are obvious, such as the aforementioned ones, yet some may miss inspection at first pass due to their less obvious presence. Through your intention you will become more vigilant and protective over your most precious resource, fortifying the container and ideally stopping leaks before they even start.

Taking stock of what steals your energy is where we begin. We will discuss some of the obvious drains as we go along and give you ideas on how to create powerful energy bursts that may help you regain both strength and stamina. We will also discuss the drains that I believe many people do not view as potential problems or may not even be aware of at all. I believe that quick identification of these areas may assist you in creating a stronger structure that can withstand gusty winds and extreme temperatures. Starting this discussion will involve starting at the beginning because it is the moment of impact that energy is first tapped. Therefore we start with the importance of acknowledgement.

But I am not talking about acknowledgement from others. I am talking about how you can move forward by acknowledging yourself. It is the first step because what happened to you matters. Your experience counts. It is tempting to minimize the impact because that stance is in line with the trauma itself. Our feelings are discounted through our grief and loss experiences due to the nature of the trauma itself. We are not consulted about what we either want or don’t want. By acknowledging our own feelings and how we have been impacted we begin the necessary work of healing the wound.

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