Your Story Counts

I recently did a workshop on suicide and self-injury at a conference for educators.  Although I have routinely talked about my brother's suicide and how his death impacted our family, I went into more detail then I have in past presentations because I understand more fully now the power of sharing our stories. Stories bring us together, humanize the "other",...[ read more ]

Tell the Judge to (Kindly) Shut UP

NOT an actual judge...let me be clear.  I am talking about the judge that lives in our heads.  It is that constant voice that "judges" us along with those around us.  Pay attention to how many times a day you tell yourself that you are not good enough, that you messed up again, that no one will ever love you,...[ read more ]


When I do yoga (never as much as I would like) I always enjoy hearing from the teacher at the beginning of class. These kind souls always have words of wisdom that I can take with me through my practice.  I appreciate the prompts alongside the movement. One class that is particularly memorable for me started with a lesson on...[ read more ]

What is Neurodiversity?

Neurodiversity is a concept given life back in the 1990s by an Australian sociologist named Judy Singer. The term is used to represent the different ways people think, behave, communicate, and more. Neurodiversity is often associated with challenges an individual may face. For instance, people with neurodiverse traits may be diagnosed with conditions such as attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHA) dyslexia,...[ read more ]

Just Not Today

Yesterday my purse was stolen from my car.  I was in the gym and made the mistake of thinking my purse would be fine because my gym is close to a major road and it was 8:00 in the morning! How dumb could I be? I came out after class and stood looking at my broken window for what felt...[ read more ]

Tired Is Only A Pause

I know I'm tired and I know you are tired too.  The journey is difficult enough without adding trauma to the mix.  We can feel overwhelmed, easily irritated, burned out, and depressed.  We all have the right to sit on the side of the road at different times but we can't stay down for the count.  Eventually we have to...[ read more ]

The Way Through

I know as human beings we are instinctually driven to avoid pain.  We learn not to stick our hands in the fire because we can get burned.  This instinct makes sense from a survival perspective, but when it comes to healing through trauma (and the psychological pain that comes with it) we have to turn off the urge to run....[ read more ]

Inspiring Core Connections

Inspire others to be the best version of themselves. You have this ability and you know how important inspiration is at this point in the time continum.  We need inspiration more then ever before in our lives. The truth is inspiration and the ability to inspire comes from surrounding ourselves with others who share our beliefs.  People are attracted to...[ read more ]

In A Hundred Years

In a hundred years no one is going to care about the mistakes we make, the balls we drop, or the things we do out of anger, grief, or sadness.  Although The Golden Rule is important, and a guide throughout our lives, we can only do our best and sometimes our best isn't so golden. We are hurt.  We are...[ read more ]

Wobbles Are Okay

As we navigate our different states of activation we tend to get better at catching those moments where we are triggered.  We are getting better at understanding why we get triggered, what happens in our bodies, and we learn not to trust our thoughts at these moments. Now let me be clear that progress doesn't mean that the triggers will...[ read more ]

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