Born Resilient

Perhaps there is no better time to practice building the resiliency muscle, here in the safety of our own homes. Whether you feel anxious about the future, helpless to change your current circumstance, or frightened for other reasons, the helplessness can feel overwhelming and lead to deeper feelings of stuckness, isolation, anxiety, and depression. We may know that as a country that this too shall pass, but that knowing does little to loosen our white knuckled grip as we struggle to hold on and wait out the storm.

Whether you know it or not moments of activation can be opportunities to fine tune your ability to survive and to adapt. Resilience is born out of a need to be resilient.There is simply no other way. In that vein, how can we remind ourselves that we are going to be stronger after the storm? We are going to prove to ourselves once again that we can survive, heal, grow, and come out better as a result. For some of us, the storm may take longer to subside, lingering swells and strong currents will remain long after the clouds part, but eventually the sea goes back out. Wherever you are, know that there is purpose in it for all of us.

As you find your own opportunities for growth and resilience through COVID-19, stay intentional about finding what they are. The work you do now can ripple into events from the past that remain undone, and can also become part of the fabric as you move forward. Here are a few ideas on the themes of opportunity and resilience to get you started:

Create Boundaries

Our boundaries are crossed through the impact of trauma. Our feelings are not taken into consideration through the events around us and therefore we may feel as if they do not matter to others in our lives. Although you will get through this, because you are wired to adapt, your life has more than likely been upended without your input and without warning. Be intentional about having boundaries now. Be able to say no, ask for what you need, and take care of yourself. This is a skill that can aid you in many places.

Practice Radical Acceptance

Whether you know it or not there are opportunities for growth all around you. Is this a time for you to reflect on your life course? Is this a time to reset and do something different? Perhaps it is time to create a new course all together. Can you help others around you who can benefit from your own personal experience of past and present challenges? You may not be able to change what happened, but you can do something with it to help yourself and to help others as well.

Stay Curious

If trauma is about the collapse then resilience is about growth. You cannot be open and closed at the same time.Stretch, work on flexibility, and get curious about a topic, a piece of part, or your immediate surroundings. Strive to capture something different or to view things from a different perspective. Creativity is a sure sign you are building the muscle. Stay curious and do something creative. It is not all bad.

There is opportunity all around you. There is an opportunity to acknowledge your feelings, to find new ways to feel effective, and to adapt. Through the current state of things we can realize that it could always be worse, and it is with gratitude and resolve that we get to recreate ourselves once again. Perhaps the most important part is finding the opportunity to remind ourselves about what really matters, and to marvel at how easy it is to shed the rest.

Clear Reflections

How can you create boundaries for youself? What do you need to take care of yourself right now. What do you need from others? Ask.

What are the opportunities for you to build resilience? How will these gifts help you and others on the journey? Give

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