Tired Is Only A Pause

I know I’m tired and I know you are tired too.  The journey is difficult enough without adding trauma to the mix.  We can feel overwhelmed, easily irritated, burned out, and depressed.  We all have the right to sit on the side of the road at different times but we can’t stay down for the count.  Eventually we have to get on with things.

How do we keep moving when it seems to take all of our energy and willpower to even attempt to stand?  The answer isn’t easy and it may be different for each of us based on who we are as individuals, our level of coping or resilience, and our life experience.   Although we are all down for different reasons (and some of the same ones) I want you to be able to get back up as soon as possible.

I promise you that the longer you stay down the harder it can be to get on with things.  But sometimes we are down not by our own doing but because we have taken hit after hit after hit.  It’s okay.  It may just take you a bit longer to move on with things if you have multiple injuries.  What happened matters and healing takes time.

Pro Tips to get you back up and on your way:

Give yourself time to lick your wounds and treat yourself with compassion for having a hard time.  Your feelings matter.

Focus on what you have been able to get done even while the bomb was going off.  You have no doubt done a lot.

Pay attention to what you need and to what your body needs.

Say no when you need to.

Focus on what matters to you.  Spend time doing something you enjoy daily if possible.

Be flexible if your to do list needs to be set aside on a hard day.

Ask for help if you need to.

Remind yourself that you will get back up because you have gotten back up before.

You will be okay.




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